Anne Twiss, LCMT
Anne is a licensed and certified massage therapist, a graduate of Dovestar Institute in NH, and has spent the last 20 years practicing and cultivating her skills. She specializes in deep tissue and myofascial work and has continued to study in many modalities. She has also dedicated a portion of her practice to massage with cancer patients at MGH/North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers, MA.​ Anne individually responds  to her client's needs as they seek relief from chronic conditions caused by physical and mental stress, as well as recovery from soft tissue injuries. Her goal is to bring forth a relaxing, yet vigorous massage, to understand how our bodies work, soothing nerves, increasing range of motion, and finding balance.

​Rates    1/2 hr:      $50
               1 hr:       $85
         1 1/4 hr:      $100
         1 1/2 hr:      $125

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Ania D. O’Connor, LCMT

Ania has been in the practice of Therapeutic Massage since 1988. She studied at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worchester, Massachusetts, and has continued her studies in many disciplines. Some of the disciplines and mentors are: Myofascial Therapy w/ Robert King,  Trager bodywork w/ Martin Anderson, Carol Campell, Roger Tolle, and Dean Juhan, Active Isolated Stretching(AIS) w/ Aaron Mattes​,  Muscle Energy Techniques w/ Leon Chaitow,  Sports Massage w/ James Waslaski,  Reiki  I w/ Elaina Jespersen,  Reiki I and II w/ Erica Rock,  Tui Na, Chinese Massage w/ Master Tom Tam,  Tong Ren w/ Master Tom Tam​,  Sound Healing w/ Jonathan Goldman,  Cadaver Study w/ Diane Polseno​,  plus numerous other workshops.​.  Ania blends her knowledge and life experiences. She observes and listens to the clients and designs a therapeutic massage to suit each individual’s needs. Most importantly she listens with her hands and lets the body guide and direct her for a deeply realized therapeutic experience, connecting all the levels of the body.

Rates   1/2 hr:      $60
              1 hr:     $120
         1 1/4 hr:     $150
         1 1/2 hr:     $180